2015 Cookie Program

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Ready for Cookies?

Buying Girl Scout cookies is more than just handing over money for a box. It’s about the skills and learning a girl gains from interacting directly with you. It’s about the experience of running her own cookie business and working with others. It’s the reason we don’t sell cookies online. And it’s why we encourage you to buy your cookies from a Girl Scout—the Cookie Professional!—and not her parents. Your purchase means you get tasty cookies—and a girl learns a lifetime of skills.

Learning Has Never Been So Tasty

There's more than just delicious cookies in each box. Your purchase helps teach Girl Scouts a lifetime of skills. Girls learn:

  • Goal Setting
  • Decision Making
  • Money Management
  • People Skills
  • Business Ethics

About the Badges

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Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, Girl Scouts learn skills essential to success in life, like financial literacy, innovation, and more. See all the badges a Girl Scout can earn through her cookie business.

This Is What a Girl Can Do

The skills a girl develops in the Girl Scout Cookie Program empower her to do amazing things. She learns that by putting her mind and energies into something, she can overcome any challenge.

2015 Cookie Program Recognition Items 


Troop Recognitions: 

Troop Proceeds: $0.55-$0.60/box

Encampment Credits:

$0.35/box for troops off the road system

$0.20/box for troops on the road system

Service Unit Recognitions:

SU Proceeds: $0.05/box

Girl Recognitions:

Recognition Items/Cookie Dough (will be released November 2014)

Cookie Credits

  • Boxes to earn free camp sessions
  1. 600 boxes to earn a free week of resident camp
  2. 400 boxes to earn a free week of day camp
  3. 1000 boxes to earn a free week of resident camp and a free week of day camp
  • Camp Cookie Credits
  1. $0.35/box for resident camp
  2. $0.20/box for day camp

Destination Credits:

Boxes Sold         Destination Credits


250-499             $250

500-749             $500

750-999             $750

1000-1249         $1,000

1250-1499         $1,250

1500-1748         $1,500

1750-1999         $1,750

2000-2249         $2,000

2250-2499         $2,365

2500-2749         $2,625

2750-2999         $2,890

3000-3249         $3,150

3250-3499         $3,415

3500-3749         $3,675

3750-3999         $3,940

4000-4249         $4,400

4250-4499         $4,675

4500-4749         $4,950

4750-4999         $5,225

5000+                $5,500

Congratulations to our 2014 "Bling Your Booth" contest winner! 

Congrats to Juneau Troop 4008! This troop is the 2014 GSAK "Bling Your Booth" contest winner. The troop will receive a gift certificate to be used at the GSAK council store.

Thank you to the girls and troop leaders Tina Cooke and Brooke Scott, as well as all those who participated in this year's "Bling Your Booth" contest!


Congratulations to our 2014 Goal Getter Contest winner!  

Congratulations to Arabella B. of Ketchikan Troop 4055! Arabella is our Goal Getter Contest winner and will receive an iPad Mini. Thanks to all our Goal Getter Contest participants, an additional 4,876 boxes of cookies were sold. Way to go, girls! 

Girls can use our Goal Getter Order Card to sell extra boxes ordered to make even cases, make additional sales by contacting new customers, and check back with previous customers to see if they would like more cookies.

Booth Sales Permission Letters

Carrs/Safeway permission letter

Fred Meyer permission letter