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For Cookie Volunteers

All Service Unit Cookie Leads are required to complete their training and online assessment prior to conducting their local trainings and must have an agreement submitted to Council prior to the start of cookie season. Service Unit volunteers are encouraged to review the training as well. Here's a quick guide to being a 2018 Cookie Program SMART COOKIE!

Training Resources and Webinars
Volunteer Forms
Booth Sales
Goal Getter

January 29 - February 28, 2018

The 2018 GSAK Cookie Program Goal Getter contest encourages girls to continue their participation (or start participating) in the Girl Scouts of Alaska Cookie Program, ultimately enabling and rewarding them for working toward their 2018 Cookie Program goals. 

Starting on January 29 and running through February 28, every girl who makes two Digital Cookie sales + additional order card or Digital Cookie sales, totaling to 50+ boxes sold, will earn the 2018 Goal Getter patch.

Goal Getter Patch

Follow these quick steps to get your troop ready for the Girl Scout Cookie Program:

Complete the Troop Cookie Manager form:

 Attend the Cookie training

  • Please reach out to your SU Cookie Lead for in-person training(s) in your area OR
  • Take the Troop Cookie Manager online webinar and assessment
  1. Recorded Webinar
  2. Assessment - Please input your first name and troop number as “your name”. An 80%+ is required to pass the assessment.

 Get your materials

  • Materials are provided by the SU Cookie Lead to any Troop Cookie Manager that has completed the training
  • Don’t have an SU Cookie Lead? Once your training is complete, materials can be picked up from the Council office (or mailed to those troops not within driving distance)

 Access and setup eBudde

  • Set up your troop account and report any needed roster changes to your GSAK Membership Specialist right away. Only volunteers who have completed the 2018 TCM form will have eBudde access. 

 Review the Girl Scouts of Alaska website for online resources

 Train your troop girls and parents

 Spread the word!

  • Make sure that all of your girls/families know about Digital Cookie and the Girl Scouts of Alaska online Girl and Family resources

In order for Girl Scouts to participate in Digital Cookie, they must be in eBudde and  have all of the Digital Cookie required information (see Digital Cookie Troop sign up form).

Follow GSAK on Social Media for weekly Cookie updates and announcements. If you are a current registered volunteer, join the Girl Scouts of Alaska Product Sales Volunteers Facebook Group

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All net revenue raised through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, every penny after paying the baker, stays in Alaska to support our Girl Scouts, girl programs, and camps.

Want to volunteer with the GSAK Cookie Program? Read about all the ways to volunteer!

 Questions? Contact GSAK Product Sales