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Walk on the Wild Side

Walk on the Wild Side!

Join the fun-loving folks at the Spring Creek Farm in Palmer for any one of a series of Outdoor Adventures! Earn a badge each day, and work toward completing a Journey. One Saturday each month, Girl Scouts will connect with nature, explore the cob oven, the yurt, and the beautiful trails that surround the Farm.

Each of the Outdoor Adventure days is split into two sessions. Daisies and Brownies connect from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, and Juniors and Cadettes meet from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (along with some sleepover weekends!) Seniors and Ambassadors may come and assist younger girls as counselors.

Reserve your Outdoor Adventure at the Spring Creek Farm by visiting the Girl Scouts of Alaska website ( selecting the calendar, and clicking on the Outdoor Adventure of your choice. Each Outdoor Adventure is $15 per girl. Chaperones who would like to help out with the fun are most welcome!

For more information, contact Kay Shoemaker at 273-0393 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

  • October 1, 2011 Sweet Harvest
    • Discover berries, make jelly and ice cream, and learn how to eat locally.
  • November 12, 2011 Geocaching and Orienteering
    • Discover 6 geocaches on the farm and your treasure hunting, map and compass skills. Connect with other girls as you run around exploring the woods. Then, take action in your community as you make your own geocache to hide where you like to adventure. We’re planting 100 geocaches across the state to celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouting!
  • December 3, 2011 Winter Survival Skills
    • Discover how cozy a yurt can be after building a snow fort, trying out your tracking skills, and connecting with other girls as you enjoy the winter wonderland. Take action and teach others about how to be prepared in the wilderness!  
  • January 21, 2012 Snow Science and X-Country Skiing
    • Discover how to predict avalanches by learning about snow types and digging an avalanche pit, just like the ski patrol! Learn beginning or more advanced cross-country skiing skills as you explore the trails at the farm! Connect with other girls over hot cocoa in the cozy yurt and relax after your adventures
  • February 3, 2012 Forever Green
    • Down with Plastic Waste Join Girl Scouts across our nation and discover ways to reduce plastic waste. Make your own bag for shopping, explore what plastic does to sealife, and connect with other girls to take action in your community as you encourage others to stop buying products wrapped in plastic. Make cookies from scratch.
  • March 3, 2012 Forever Green
    • Alternative Energy and Energy Conservation Discover solar heating and a solar pump at the farm! Connect with solar and wind energy as you make toys that are powered by alternative energy sources. Take action by making solar ovens to send to villages that need them to survive. Make a kite and connect with the wind!
  • April 7, 2012 Forever Green Rain Gardens
    • Discover how Girl Scouts across the nation are using the rain to feed their families and communities. Play with gutters and rain spouts to divert water to a pizza garden! Make a pizza to celebrate.
  • May 5, 2012 Growing your Garden
    • Discover the wonders of planting your own tasty treats. Connect with vermiculture by making your own worm bin!  Eat well, and explore all that a sustainable farm has to offer. Visit yak and other wild things that live here.


Reaching for the Stars Fall Product Sale Program

Chocolate Mint Girl Scouts of Alaska’s new Fall Product Sale Program is underway! This is a ‘friends and family sale’ that provides troops with the opportunity to earn start up funds for the new Girl Scout membership year.  For every item sold, troops earn $1.00 for their activities and community projects; the Alaska Council's proceeds support events, programs, volunteer training, camps and facilities, plus the financial assistance that keeps Girl Scouting available and affordable for all. All the proceeds stay within Girl Scouts of Alaska to benefit local girls.

Through the sale of nuts and candy, the Trophy Nut Company encourages Alaska’s Girl Scouts to continue “Reaching for the Stars.” As with the Cookie Sale program, by participating in the Fall Product Sale program, girls are able to put into practice the three keys to leadership: Connecting with their community, Discovering their potential and Taking Action to make a difference.

Important Dates:

  • October 7 – Girl Begins Taking Orders
  • October 25 – Troops Enter Orders Online
  • Week of November 14 – Product Arrives and Girls Begin Delivery
  • December 9 -  Debit from Troop Bank Account


We are offering 12 varieties of items ranging from $6 to $10. Treat your family, treat yourself! Just in time for the holidays!

·       100th Anniversary Girl Scout Tin

·       Skating Snowman Tin

·       Whole Cashews

·       Chocolate Almonds

·       Chocolate Covered Raisins

·       Cranberry Trail Mix

·       Spicy Cajun Mix

·       Fruit Slices

·       Peanut Butter Cups

·       Double Dipped Peanuts                                           

·       Honey Roasted Peanuts

·       Select Mixed Nuts


Contact Tricia Matyas, Product Sales Manager at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 907.248.2250.


Adult Learning Summit

Learning Summit

Registration is NOW OPEN for the 2nd Annual Adult Learning Summit! Join us November 4-5 at the UAA campus in Anchorage for workshops, mini-courses, and interactive booths geared toward both new and returning volunteers. Click here to register now.

2nd Annual Adult Learning Summit

The Leaders Behind the Leaders

Honoring 100 Years and Preparing for the Next 100

University of Alaska, Anchorage

November 4th-5th, 2011

  • Friday, November 4th, 2011

2:30-5 pm                    Check In

2:30-5 pm                    Girl Scout Expo

Interactive Booths - Stop by interactive booths showcasing sessions that will be offered the following day. Glean information from every course and choose which topics you want to explore more.

Mini Courses - Take part in fun mini courses that will provide you an opportunity to network with other leaders and practice using new Girl Scout materials and traditional songs, games, and ceremonies.

Girl Scouts of Alaska Shop - Be sure to check out the Girl Scouts of Alaska Shop where you can purchase the latest materials and merchandise to take home for you and the girls you lead.

5:30-7:30 pm              Volunteer Recognition Event

  • Saturday, November 5th, 2011

8:00-9:00 am             Check In

9:00-10:30 am           General Session

10:30-10:45 am         Break

10:45 am-12:00 pm   Workshop Session Block 1

12:00-1:00 pm            Lunch

1:00-2:30 pm              Workshop Session Block 2

2:30-2:45 pm              Break

2:45-4:00 pm              Workshop Session Block 3

4:00-5:00 pm              Pinning Ceremony

Staff and volunteers are preparing helpful Workshop Sessions. Some of the topics include:

Explore E-Council: Practice how to access, enter and update your troop or school’s information at any time of day using our new database.

Storytelling: Learn about storytelling in the context of Girl Scouts -- what makes a great story, how to tell stories that inspire girls to action, and using storytelling to further the mission of Girl Scouts. This is a hands-on, interactive session that will include several practice exercises and lots of ideas to try with your girls.

Juggling Elephants: Ring masters unite to teach one another ways to juggle self care and our many other responsibilities.

FUNdamentals of Girl Scouting – Traditions, Songs and Games: Juliette Gordon Low knew how important it is to feel a part of a group and that traditions, songs and games can bring diverse individuals together into a unit. Not only can they be fun, traditions are full-stop moments allowing a group to reflect on their accomplishments, to honor change and to ease transitions – for a new girl entering the group as well as for the group welcoming a new girl! Explore famous and lesser known traditions, and guide girls in the art of creating their own. Gain confidence in singing camp songs and leading inventive games and learn how to build your repertoire.

Let’s Get Moving into the New Girl Guide to Girl Scouting: See the new Girls Guide to Girl Scouting come alive and explore ways to use it with the Journeys in this fun, hands-on course. We will take a look at how the new Junior Level Girl Guide to Girl Scouting is organized and do some fun activities to show how you can integrate the “Get Moving” journey program into a fun multi-aged event for girls to learn about energy! This will give Leaders of every level new ideas and confidence when working with the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting and Journeys.

Getting Started: Learn how to start and facilitate a troop, what safety guidelines to follow, how to manage troop finances, and where to find the forms and information you need when you need it.

Travel Treasures – It’s a Tool Kit: Girl Scouting offers the potential to connect girls to many different travel opportunities. Whether exploring their own neighborhoods, going on overnight camping trips, participating in community service projects, or flying to one of the four world centers, Girl Scouts are continually expanding their horizons. When leaders unpack the diverse travel opportunities available, not only do they unleash fresh motivation and vigor for the girls, but they can know they’ll be embarking on a life-changing experience for everyone involved!

This session explores the Travel Pathway: Girl Scout Camping, Service-Learning, Troop Trips Near and Far, and the Five World Service Centers. Participants will gain skills in researching travel, requirements for travel, and gain insight into money earning efforts that can be incorporated into the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Most importantly, leaders will walk away with a toolkit for guiding their girls as they take a lead role in planning one of these adventures of a lifetime!

The 360 Degree Leader - Leading From Anywhere in the Organization: Deconstruct leadership myths, identify solutions to leadership challenges, outline leadership principles for leading up, across and down, and reflect on principles that you will employ back home.

Everyone Deserves Girl Scouts: Partner with professionals in the community to overcome concerns and discover ways to include girls with special needs.

100 Years, 100 Adventures: Take the Forever Green Pledge, explore 100 things girls and troops can do for the environment in celebration of the 100th anniversary, and make 1 of 100 geocaches to take back to your community.

Girl Adult Partnership – Letting Girls Lead: What sets the Girl Scout movement apart is our girl-led activities, and the resulting magic that transforms unassuming girls into confident leaders. Unfortunately creating a girl-led environment in troops and events is the very thing that eludes and frustrates most volunteers.

This session explores the Girl-Adult Partnership in Girl Scouting: what it looks like and how you can put it into practice. Learn how girl development guides decision-making. Get skills to ensure all girls get a chance to be part of the planning. And learn how to help other adults plan with girls not for them. You will leave this session with a bevy of tools to keep you actively engaging girls as partners in leadership.


Cookies to Troops

Cookies to Troops: Thank you!

To all the [members of the] 519th Brownie Troop, 132nd Daisy Troop, and their supporting families, the 361st ERS Airmen and I would like to thank you for all the wonderful Girl Scouts Cookies! We thank you for [your] hard work and support. Everyone really enjoys the cookies and it makes our days here much more enjoyable! You girls keep up the hard work and we will keep up ours.

We appreciate you and your support!


Thank You,

Staff Sargent Jedidiah Keating



Silver and Bronze Awards

The Cadettes and Juniors of troop 536 earned their Silver and Bronze awards in May of 2011.

They collected hundreds of children’s books from members of the Elmendorf Air Force Base community, then participated in National Kids Day by spending the day at the Wild About Reading booth reading to children and giving away books. Congratulations, Troop 536!

In June of 2011, Amanda Blott (Troop 242, Kodiak) earned her Silver Award by assisting , leading, and creating activities for children at the Baranov Museum and the Woody Way Family Center. In addition to coordinating activities for the Friday Family Fun Nights at the museum, and Wednesday activities at the Woody Way Family Center, Amanda developed a new game called the Now and Then Memory Card Game. She took pictures of old objects from the museum’s collections, then searched the internet for pictures of the modern version of that object. The game is played by placing all of the photos face down then turning each card over and trying to match the old and new pairs of objects.

“I have been volunteering at the Baranov Museum since 7th grade” explained Amanda. “It was my favorite place when I was younger because of the Russian stacking dolls. So, it seemed like a logical choice for my Silver Award project.”

Congratulations, Amanda!



Head to Houston for the Girl Scout Leadership Institute and Celebrate Girl Scouts' 100th Anniversary!

Registration is still open for girls, ages 13 and up, to represent Girl Scouts of Alaska at the Girl Scout Leadership Institute in Houston, Texas from November 9-13, 2011. These Girl Scout delegates will participate in programs on space flight, leadership, product research and design, and how to market themselves for scholarships, colleges, and careers. 

Only a few spaces are left to jump on this chance to connect with hundreds of girls from across the country and  add your voice to discussions about the Convention theme: “Leadership and Innovation…the Next 100 Years.” If you haven’t ever been to a Girl Scout National Convention before, this is a great opportunity! 

The total cost for girls to attend is $2,000. Girl Scouts of Alaska is sponsoring the program fee for the event, and the travel costs can be refunded with next years’ cookie credits. 

Register for the trip on ecouncil by visiting , selecting the calendar, scrolling down to November 9th, and then selecting the event on the calendar.  Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council is hosting the event, and they have set aside hotel space for us.  Girls traveling using air miles will have a reduced program fee. 

For more information, contact: Kay Shoemaker, Travel and Outdoor Specialist, 907.273.0393, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



New Fun Patches

Check out some of the new fun patches that have just arrived in the Alaska Council store, and join us in October for a month-long celebration of Juliette Low's Birthday! On October 31st all phone orders or purchases made in the store will receive 15% off the total purchase price!

Fall Product Sale fun patches:


Juliette Low's Birthday & Halloween fun patches:


Investiture Fun Patches

Investiture welcomes new members, girls or adults, into the Girl Scout family for the first time


Rededication Fun Patches

Rededication is an opportunity for girls and adults to renew their commitment to the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

Patches 2



Pen Pal Requests


  • “Hi, I am the leader of Girl Scout Brownie troop 74 in New Jersey. Our troop would like to know if one of the troops from Alaska would like to be pen pals with us. We think this would be a great experience for the girls to meet girls their own age from another state.”

If your troop is interested, please contact Helaine Ganley, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , 201-522-3536.


  • “My name is Karen Dinelli and I am a Daisy troop leader in Ormond Beach, Florida, which is part of the Citrus Council. I used to live in Anchorage and also spent a few years in Juneau. I would love to establish a pen pal relationship (letters, pictures, SWAPS) with a troop in Alaska. It would be so interesting for my girls to learn about what Girl Scout troops do in other parts of the country. Our troop is 11 girls ages 5-7.”

If your troop is interested in this opportunity, please contact Karen at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


  • “I am the leader of troop 1911 here in Frankfort, Kentucky. My troop is wanting to be pen pals with another troop from another state. If you have a troop that would love to be pen pals, my girls would really love to get to know some of their Girl Scout sisters. Thank you and have a great 100!”

Contact: RoDonna Carson at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or 502-321-3383.


Community Events and Links:

Missing Children Poster

National Missing Children's Day Poster Contest

This annual poster contest demonstrates America’s united effort to bring missing children home safely, while highlighting the importance of education programs for keeping children safe. Only fifth grade students are eligible to participate. One winning entry from each state. Deadline for submissions is January 13, 2012.

Click here for more details.


Grief Camp

Grief Camp October 7-9, 2011 Camp Erin Anchorage, a no-charge camp for grieving children and teens, is accepting camper applications for the camp weekend, which will be held Friday, October 7- Sunday, October 9, 2011, at Birchwood Camp in Chugiak.

Camp Erin is designed for children and teens ages 6-17, who have experienced the death of someone close to them. It is a weekend-long experience filled with traditional fun camp activities combined with grief education and emotional support- led by grief professionals and trained volunteers. Camp Erin provides a unique opportunity for peer bonding between children and teens facing a similar life circumstance. The weekend includes an optional grief support and education session for the adult caregivers.

For more information, please contact:
Jane Barber Hospice of Anchorage
2612 E Northern Lights Blvd.
Anchorage, AK 99508-4119
907.561.5322 main line
907.561.0334 fax line
907.223.9910 cell phone

STEM Opportunity

Join the “Real World – In World” NASA Engineering Design Challenge to solve one of two NASA-related problems.  Find out more at a free webinar on October 6. For more details and to register, click here.


NASA Enginerring Design Challenge


Are you a Health Hero?

Youth Service America and UnitedHealthcare are calling all “Health Heroes” to apply for 2012 UnitedHealth HEROES grants. UnitedHealth HEROES is a service-learning, health literacy initiative designed to encourage young people, working with educators and youth leaders, to create and implement local hands-on programs to fight childhood obesity.

Applications are available at and must be submitted online by October 17, 2011. Grant recipients will be notified in December and January. Grants range from $500 to $1,000. The deadline for application is October 17, 2011. The UnitedHealth HEROES program is a service-learning, health literacy initiative that awards grants to help youth, ages 5-25, create and implement local, hands-on programs to fight childhood obesity. Each grant engages participating youth in service-learning, an effective teaching and learning strategy that supports student learning, academic achievement, and workplace readiness.

The grants encourage semester-long projects that launch on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service (January 16, 2012) and culminate on Global Youth Service Day (April 20-22, 2012). Schools, service-learning coordinators, non-profits, and students in the health professions located in all 50 states and the District of Columbia are eligible to apply for the $500-$1,000 grants.


Spirit of Youth,

a radio program and campaign to recognize Alaska's teeens, is seeking nominations for a young person or teen group involved in positive activities or giving back to the community.

Spirit of Youth provides a recognition program for teens across Alaska. Nominations are made by anyone who wishes to recognize a hard-working, inspiring teenager or youth group, between the ages of 12-19. Spirit of Youth produces radio stories based on those nominations which are heard across the state.  We are looking for some great stories for next quarter. Please submit your nominations soon!