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Digital Cookie

Digital Cookie is back for the 2022 Girl Scout Cookie Program. Watch this video to learn more! Parents will get a welcome email on January 3rd to start setting up their account.

The Digital Cookie™ Platform helps girls superpower their cookie sales as they go beyond the booth with mobile and online channels. The platform is a fun, educational tool that helps girls run and manage their Girl Scout Cookie business online.

Didn't get your Digital Cookie email? Email with your daughter's name, parent name, and troop number. An invitation email will come from Digital Cookie within 48 hours with a link to set up your Digital Cookie account.

Digital Cookie registration emails will only go out to families who have submitted all of the required information for Digital Cookie participation. Looking to get registered? Find required forms and learn more about Digital Cookie in the information listed below.

There are different Digital Cookie delivery options.

Direct Delivery Orders: Orders where the customer chooses to pay for shipping and have the cookies shipped directly to their home. These orders are paid for at the time of order, usually arrive within 2 weeks, and automatically roll into eBudde.

Girl Delivery Orders: Orders where the customer requests that a girl deliver the boxes of cookies (and does not pay shipping). These orders are paid for at the time of order, must be submitted to the troop leader by the parent (a parent can put a “DOC” row on the girl’s order card at the end of initial orders). The payment automatically shows up in eBudde – but the cookies must be entered by the troop leader. Girl-Delivered orders must be approved by the Parent within 5 days. Parents will receive a notice when a Girl-Delivered order has been placed and is ready for approval.

All Digital Cookie orders are paid for online when your cookie order is placed.