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Explore More: Outdoors

Join us this April to celebrate the outdoors all month long! Learn a new skill, spend time outside, and have fun during this month long-event.

Find details for in-person programs, live virtual programs, challenges, and fun for the whole family here. Try at least one activity to earn your Explore More Outdoors patch, or dive in and try it all!

Date: April 1-30, 2023

Grades:  K-12

Event Registration

  • April 1, Archery: Mat Su - Learn archery basics and practice your skills at Screaming Eagle Archery in Wasilla. Cadettes will have the opportunity to complete the requirements for the Archery badge (badge not included). Learn more and register. Two sessions available.
  • April 15, Exploring Alaska's Edible Plants: Eagle River - Come enjoy the beautiful trails at the Eagle River Nature Center and explore native Alaska flora with a naturalist! During this program, your girl will get to delve into the world of Alaska botany while examining common plants along the trail, including some that are safe to eat. She'll even get to create her own plant reference journal to take home for future adventures. Learn more and register.
  • April 15, All About Birds: Homer - Learn all about birding and go on a birding walk in the estuary at the Islands and Oceans Center (Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge) in Homer! Learn more and register.
  • April 22, Girl Power Hike: Anchorage - This program is designed to help girls of all ages connect with nature and build important outdoor skills while fostering a sense of community and teamwork Led by Megan Militello from Elevated Oats, this hike is a great opportunity for Girl Scouts of all ages to get together and enjoy the beauty of nature while building new friendships and strengthening bonds with their troop. Learn more and register.
  • April 27, Intro to Orienteering: Anchorage - Map reading has become less utilized in daily life due to the availability of GPS devices through our phones, but what happens when you lose access to that on a hike or while out camping? The analog skills of being able to orient yourself in natural surroundings, find and use cardinal directions in the real world, and navigate a map are still essential to us, even in a technological world. Join us at Ruth Arcand Park to get a crash course on orienteering and practice your skills on a pre-designed orienteering course within the park limits. Learn more and register.
  • April 29, Introduction to Birding at Potter Marsh: Anchorage - The return of birds during the spring season is a source of wonder for many, Alaskans included. Take a foray into birding as a hobby with us at Potter Marsh. You’ll learn the basics of caring for binoculars, which are an important tool for birding, and observe native bird species as they return to the area to begin nesting. ID books and binoculars will be available to participants, though you are welcome to bring your own. Learn more and register.
  • March 29, Forest Ecology: Virtual - Calling all forest explorers! Discover the different parts of trees, explore and document history by looking at tree rings, and more during this virtual program led by educators from Campbell Creek Science Center. Learn more and register.
  • April 6, Botanical Marvels: Plant Superpowers - Virtual - Plants don’t have brains like animals do, but that doesn’t stop them from protecting themselves! In fact, even though we don’t notice it, they’re actively working every day to prevent animals and insects (or even other plants or fungi) from attacking them. Using chemicals and physical barriers, they may be unable to run away but they are certainly not helpless. During this program, we’ll hear from a naturalist about some of the amazing ways that plants protect themselves. You’ll even get to design a plant of your very own and have some “battles” to see which plant defense would come out on top. Learn more and register.
  • April 12, Wonderful World of Worms: Virtual - Explore the soil beneath your feet and learn all about one of the critters that lives there - the worm! Girls will get to meet some of Anchorage Botanical Garden's resident worms at the Garden, while learning how worms affect the ecosystems they live in. At the end, you'll get to make your very own origami worm (guaranteed slime-free) to keep at home!  Learn more and register.
  • April 25, Summer Camp Launch Party: Virtual - Are you ready for camp? Join GSAK camp staff to get ready for summer camp! We will warm up with some camp songs, make a packing list together, brainstorm ways to prepare for camp, and make some new friends. We will also make luggage tags that you can connect to a lunchbox, backpack, or suitcase. Learn more and register.
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