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Adventure Club

Girl Scouts of Alaska wants every girl get outdoors! If you are prepared and ready for an adventure outdoors, Adventure Club is for you! Adventure Club is all about trying new things and challenging yourself to build outdoor skills and confidence. The opportunities are endless!

Choose Your Adventure

To earn your Adventure Club patch, complete three (or more) outdoor adventures! Perhaps you've never been kayaking, but always wanted to try. Maybe you've gone snowshoeing in your backyard, but now want to take on a trail away from home. The activity and challenge level is up to you. Activities can be similar if you are building on your skills. Adventure Club activities are mostly outdoors, engage with the natural world, and challenge you to try something new or go further.  Be sure to review the Safety Activity Checkpoints for your chosen activity. If you love adventure, complete six activities (three additonal) to earn your Adventure Club Pro Patch. You adventures must take place after April 1, 2019 to count towards your Adventure Club patch. 

Examples of Adventure Club activities:

Hiking: Take a hike on a trail that will challenge you OR plan a backpacking trip to go on with your family or troop OR try snowshoeing in winter!

Biking: Take a bike on a trail and challenge yourself by getting off the pavement and riding on the dirt, snow, sand or other trail. You may even try an overnight bike-packing trip.

Fishing: Try your hand at fishing! You could learn the skill by trying ice fishing, fishing off a boat or even right off shore. See if you can catch food for dinner!

Canoeing: Rent or borrow a canoe if you do not have one and try it out on a small lake OR challenge yourself to a planned out canoe trip.

Climbing: Get a day pass to a rock gym and try a few different routes OR  challenge yourself to outdoor rock climbing.

Skiing: Try out cross country or downhill skiing in a maintained area OR try backcountry skiing on an ungroomed trail. 

Skating: Try skating at a public indoor or outdoor plowed skating rink.

Get Your Patch

Once you complete three (for Adventure Club) or six activities (for Adventure Club Pro), share your story! Tag us on Facebook and Instagram @GirlScoutsAK. Share a photo of you adventuring outdoors with the hashtag #AKGirlsOutdoors for a change to win some outdoor prizes!

Order your patch here:


What types of activities count towards Adventure Club?

An Adventure Club activity is one that is mostly outdoors, engages with the natural world, and challenges you to try something new or go further. Here are a few examples of Adventure Club type activities:

  • Hiking/Backpacking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Kayaking/Canoeing/Boating
  • Fishing
  • Skiing/Snowboarding
  • Ice Skating
  • Biking

Regardless of the activity, make sure to check the Girl Scout Safety Activity Checkpoints. 

Our troop went backpacking last year – can that count as one of our three Adventure Club activities?  

No. Only activities that were completed after April 1st, 2019 count towards Adventure Club.

Who should track participation and the number of activities completed?

Participation is “on your honor”. Troops and/or girls and families are responsible for tracking number of Adventure Club activities completed.

Can girls participate in Adventure Club activities on their own/with their family?

Girls are encouraged to participate in events at the troop, service unit, or council level. However, if a girl’s troop is not participating in Adventure Club (or she is an Individual Girl Scout), she may plan Adventure Club activities on her own. Please remember that individual girls (with a parent chaperone) can attend council events! Check out our events page for lots of Adventure Club activity options!

Do activities at Girl Scout Camp or Encampment count towards Adventure Club?

Yes! Activities like rock climbing  at encampment or kayaking at Togowoods are great fits for adventure club as long as they challenge you to try something new or progress your skills.

Is there a cost for the patch(es)?


Adventure Club patches are $2.50 each

Pro patches are $1.50 each

Will Adventure Club be offered next year? Is the Adventure Club patch the same every year?

Adventure club is designed as an ongoing patch program. Future versions of the patch will be released as need arises. 

Do we have to request the Adventure Club and the Adventure Club Pro patch at the same time? Or can we request them as they are earned?

That is up to you! Once you complete three Adventure Club activities, you may request the Adventure Club patch. If you have six Adventure Club activities (3 for Adventure Club and 3 for Pro) planned you may want to wait and complete them and order both patches together.

What if an outdoor-type activity is being done indoors (example: rock climbing at an indoor facility) – does that count towards Adventure Club?

Yes! If you are participating in an activity that prepares you to take it outdoors next time, such as indoor rock climbing, then yes – we’d consider that a great fit for Adventure Club!

If we do the same activity three times does that count towards our three activities for Adventure Club?

While we encourage girls to try three different activities for Adventure Club, we know there are times when girls want to expand on the skills they started. For example, if a troop goes indoor rock-climbing first, then on another date tries outdoor rock climbing – that would be a good way to increase skills in the same activity and both sessions could count towards Adventure Club. If a troop went skiing and did the same trail three different times, that should only count as one Adventure Club activity, and not three.

What do I do if I (troop leader/parent) don’t have the certification or experience to take my troop on the adventure they want to do?

Girls are the leaders and the troop leader’s role is to facilitate and help support girls along the way. You do not have to be an expert in everything your troop wants to explore. Empower your girls to problem solve and use their resources by finding the people in their community who have the skills or experience. This may be through going to Girl Scout Camp, finding a qualified guide, using troop funds to pay for a wilderness first aid certification, or other options. 

Is there a timeframe that the 3 or 6 activities need to be completed in?

Adventure club activities should be completed during one program level. If you move from being a Cadette to being a Senior Girl Scout, you can earn another patch by challenging yourself with new or progressing adventure activities.