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Why Girl Scouts & STEM?

  • Girl Scouts’ all-girl, supportive environment encourages girls to take more intellectual risks and try new activities.
  • Studies have shown that exposing girls to female STEM role models and participating in hands-on STEM activities increases their interest in STEM fields.
  • The foundation for a STEM career is laid early in life. Girl Scouts serves girls in K-12.
  • Interest in science among 8th graders is proven to be a better indicator than test scores for predicting future career choices.* Girl Scouts offers the perfect setting for fun STEM activities, increasing girls’ interest in science, technology, engineering and math.
  • 80% of future careers will demand knowledge of science and technology. If girls think science and technology is not for them, they will find themselves left out of most careers.*

 *Source: Coalition for Science After School’s “Fact Sheet”