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Celebrate science, technology, engineering, and math with STEMapalooza, November 1-30!

Explore, discover, and experiment with STEMapalooza this November. All girls in grades K-12 are invited to this month-long event! Visit the STEMapalooza website to find details for in-person STEM programs, live virtual programs, STEMapalooza challenges, and STEM fun for the whole family! Choose to meet an owl, compete with your family in STEM trivia, become a citizen scientist, or learn what it takes to put your STEM dreams into action. Try at least one activity to earn your STEMapalooza patch, or dive in and try it all!

Participate/Register for Events

Find the virtual and in-person events and their registration links below, plus play the STEMapalooza Bingo Challenge and enter to win a telescope, get a volcano kit, work on at-home activities, and more!

List of Virtual Events and Registration

Want to attend an event but can't be there on the day? Register for the event beforehand, and the recording will be sent to you when it is over!

11/14, 6 PM: Volcano Science Virtual Program

Meet a volcano scientist and learn about the geology and science behind volcanos. Come with all your volcano questions ready! Register now.

11/21, 5:30 PM: Digital Leadership Daisy/Brownie

What does it mean to be a leader? How can you lead in today's digital world? Come find out and earn a special digital leadership patch (the patch is free for all girl participants). Register now.

11/21, 7 PM: Digital Leadership Junior/Cadette/Senior/Ambassador

What does it mean to be a leader? How can you lead in today's digital world? Come find out and earn a special digital leadership patch (the patch is free for all girl participants).  Register now.

11/30 6 PM: STEMapalooza Closing Celebration

Celebrate STEM at the STEMAPALOOZA Closing Celebration. You will have a chance to share your favorite parts of STEMAPALOOZA, participate in some STEM trivia, and take part in an engineering challenge!

We hope to see you there and celebrate all your STEM achievements!  Register now.

List of In-Person Events and Registration
11/10, 6 PM: Science at Night at Singing Hills

Discover the fun of science at night! Learn about birds of the night and meet Archimedes the Great Horned Owl. Head outside to stargaze and learn about how our vision changes in the dark.

This event will be fun for all ages! Register now.

11/19 1 PM: Living in Space: Challenger Center in Kenai

How does life change when living in space? Learn about the living conditions of astronauts and what effects microgravity has on the human body…sleep, exercise, time, spatial orientation, nutrition, and more! Register now.

This event is open to 2nd-8th grade girls with their adult(s). Girls do not need to be members to attend. More information about girl/adult ratios is available here. Due to space constraints, no young/older siblings, family members, or other “tagalongs” can attend. 

On-Your-Own/At-Home Activities
Request a Volcano Kit
  • All volcano kits have been claimed!

    Be one of the first 75 girls to request a volcano kit and you can build your own volcano at home using a National Geographic Build Your Own Volcano Kit!

    If there are no more kits left, try building a DIY volcano on your own. There are many different options, such as this one from PBS.

Bingo Challenge

Make a BINGO by completing 5 of these challenge activities in a row, column, or diagonal and taking a photo of at least one activity. Claim your STEM Fun Patch and enter to win your own telescope by submitting your photos only by December 5th.

STEM Activities from If/Then

If/Then Videos and Activities - Check out If/Then's library of activities and videos!

  • Marble Mazes - Tinkering, or trying to create things with a variety of different supplies, activates the creative side of your brain. When you try new things and see what works and what doesn't you are experiencing part of the engineering process. Taking a risk and putting your idea into action and letting someone else give you their thoughts shows courage and vulnerability. These are all things that Girl Scouts can work on as you create your marble maze!
  • Exercise Science - Get outside to move and experiment to find out how your body changes to meet it's needs. Your heart is a vital organ that pumps oxygen-rich blood to your brain and the rest of your body. In this experiment, you can be the scientist and find out how different variables like exercise can affect your heart rate.
  • Bottle Rockets - STEM programming is a foundation of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. STEM programs benefit girls by boosting your interest, confidence, and competence in STEM, and they learn the value of STEM to people and society.
  • Math Games - With a roll of the dice or a deck of cards you can have a whole lot of fun and practice your math skills too! Try out one of these games or create your own to build confidence in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and other math skills.
  • Symmetry Art - Symmetry is when an object looks the exact same on one side as the other. To see if an object is symmetrical, you draw a line of symmetry or a line dividing an object to show a perfect match on each side. It's like making a mirror image. Grab some paper and try these symmetry art activities below!
Community STEM Events

Check out our list of community STEM events in your area!

Request a Patch

You are eligible to receive a STEMapalooza patch after completing one or more STEMapalooza activities!

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