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September's Volunteer is...

Ahnie Litecky

Ahnie is a Troop Leader in Homer.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Ahnie Litecky. I have lived in Homer for four years and I volunteer with Troop 20152. My seven-year-old daughter belongs to the troop. I was a Girl Scout growing up in the Mat-Su Valley and my mom was my troop leader as well!

What has been your biggest challenge when leading a Girl Scout troop, and how have you overcome it?

My biggest challenge has definitely been dealing with the pandemic and figuring out creative ways to engage our troop’s families. We just got our troop underway in the fall of 2019 and were only able to meet for a few months before the pandemic hit. Over the past year, we have tried different ways to connect the girls, with only some success. It’s been hard to ask parents to manage another Zoom meeting or commit to an outdoor, masked event. We are continuing to think creatively and will keep trying new ideas.

Why do you volunteer with Girl Scouts?

I have many fond memories of Girl Scouts as a kid and I want to share the fun, supportive world of Girl Scouts with my daughter. I loved having my mom, who is an artist, as my troop leader. I remember having such fun doing craft projects and art activities with her. I also loved attending Camp Togowoods. Our group sing-a-longs, sledding times, and eating stacks of pancakes together are just some of the great memories I have from that camp. I still sing songs I learned in Girl Scouts to my kids!

I support the Girl Scout mission of empowering girls and am so glad to be part of Girl Scouting. I look forward to doing a lot of fun activities with our troop in the future.

Girl Scouts of Alaska thanks Ahnie for her dedication to girls in Homer and beyond!