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CEO Corner: Expanding camp sessions, fall activities

CEO Corner

Summer is here and we’re in full summer-camp-membership mode! I hope you’re having some fun with your Girl Scouts, your family, and you’re able to get out and enjoy Alaska.

We are just finishing our first month of camp—and everyone is having a great time! Girls have been making new friends, canoeing, hiking, birdwatching, learning about their environment, and more! We still have camp openings and thanks to a generous donation from Rasmuson Foundation, we still have scholarships available, so keep checking our camp website for more openings.

Big news—things have changed a lot since we put out the camp catalog in March, so we are opening up new sessions in more communities! Everyone keep an eye out as we add more day camps across the council. We’ll also send out emails to families when we get details nailed down.

In addition to in-person camp, we are doing some fun virtual camp sessions this summer. I attended a virtual mystery-solving adventure the other day, and I had a blast. The girls solved the mystery way ahead of me! Keep an eye on our virtual camp page for new activities. We are also doing “Camp-in-a-Box” this summer. Girls can use camp credits to order fun boxes with cool activities. Several troops have purchased boxes for all of their girls to do the activities together.

At the council, our staff is gearing up for school starting—can you believe it!? We’re getting all the fun activities together for fall recruitment. We’re looking forward to things being a little more “normal” this year, so stay tuned!

Have a good rest of the summer, everyone. Even though we passed Solstice, we still have a ton of fun and sunlight left. Get outside and enjoy it!