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CEO Corner: Fall Product (MagNut) Membership, COVID Safety

CEO Corner

I’m so excited for fall!  I love the crisp air, the turning leaves, and the thought of Fall Product Madagascar Almonds coming my way. More about the almonds below…

I looked back at my column from September 2020 and things have changed a bunch and also stayed the same. Most of our girls are back in school in-person, and troops are able to meet with proper precautions. This isn’t to say we’re out of the woods on the pandemic yet, but with vaccine availability and the more knowledge we have about keeping safe, I do see many bright spots. This isn’t a time to let our guard down, though. Please keep track on our website of all our COVID-19 updates to keep our girls and families safe.

We are excited to offer free membership again this year, through September 30. This is for new and renewing members, including girls and adults. Please help friends and neighbors take advantage of this great deal. Another thing different this year is we are able to go to schools (so far) to talk to girls and families about joining Girl Scouts. It is so fun to be able to see girls in person again and let them know about our fun program. Watch for a Girl Scout booth at your school open house! If you’d like to volunteer to staff a booth at an open house, please holler. We’d love to have you!

I promised above to talk about my love of Madagascar Almonds. The best ones you can get are from our Fall Product—MagNut—program. If you’ve never done Fall Product before, you should give it a look-see.  It’s easy and fun, and troops get early funds to jump-start troop activities. We have a great product team—Larissa and Chrystal—and they will be available to host “how to” virtual trainings upon request. Here is a link to get you started. This year’s super plushy mascot is Peppy the Penguin. Peppy was named in a popular vote by girls and volunteers. Every girl who participates (see the MagNut order card) will be entered to win Peppy. You WILL want to hug her—stop by our store and visit her. The biggest (not so secret) secret of Fall Product is that I buy at least one thing from every girl who sends me her link to order. I love seeing each girl’s avatar and story! Be sure to have your girl send me an email when she’s ready at

Now that camp season is over (and we all had a blast!), we are turning our attention to fun programs this fall. Keep an eye on our calendar page, where we post all activities. We’re going to do as many activities in person as we can, and we will also be offering virtual events, too, on our Girl Scouts at Home page.

Have a great fall—I hope to see you all in real life very soon.