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CEO Corner: Fill Your Troop, Peppy the Penguin, COVID protocols

CEO Corner - CEO Leslie Ridle stands with her arms around three smiling girls

Happy Fall! The season of pumpkin spice lattes, falling leaves, and the MagNut (Fall Product) program. We can’t wait to see the girls learning entrepreneurship, leadership, money management, and working for a goal. I, personally, can’t wait to see all the amazing videos the girls make to ask people to participate. If you’ve read this far in the newsletter, you get the special tip that I buy at least one thing from every girl who asks me. Madagascar almonds are my kryptonite—use that information for good!

This year’s big participation bonus for the MagNut program is giant, adorable stuffed Peppy the Penguin (named by popular vote on Facebook!). She’s soft and huggable, and she will be a fun friend for any girl. Peppy will be awarded via a drawing—girls will be automatically entered one time, each time they:

  • send 5 valid MagNut emails
  • complete 1 social media share
  • sell 5 nut items, or
  • sell one magazine

We had a volunteer training for MagNuts recently—if you missed it, you can watch it here.

Fall is also the time we put a lot of focus on Fill Your Troop. We’re still offering free memberships through the end of September. Girls can also use cookie credits to pay for a membership for them and/or friends. The most frequent feedback we got from camp this summer was that girls loved being back together because they made new friends. Girl Scouts gives girls that friend network they need—it’s been a long year-plus for all us, and girls are craving the connections they make through Girl Scouts.

We’ve had a lot of questions about Covid protocols and troops meeting. Keep a watch on our Covid-19 Updates page. After a year of living under various protocols, we are all getting a little more accustomed to the best ways to stay safe. All of our staff who meet with girls are vaccinated, but we are still wearing masks in our offices and in our store. We follow the CDC guidelines for outdoor activities. Girl and family safety is our #1 priority.

Thanks again to all of our volunteers and families for everything you do. We appreciate the time and love you put into Girl Scouts. If there’s anything you need from us, please shoot us an email at

Enjoy your pumpkin spice lattes and try some Madagascar almonds. You won’t be sorry!



Peppy the Penguin