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CEO Corner: Spring is here! Early Bird, Mrs. Obama Event, Camp

CEO Leslie Ridle smiles with her arms around three Girl Scouts.

Spring has sprung!  It’s been a long time coming, but these long days are putting camp, Spring Renewal, and getting back to “normal” on my mind!

April is when we start talking about Early Bird registrations. It’s a great time to get all girls signed up so we can all start off the school season ready to go! And this year, we have a very special event to celebrate the new membership year.

For all members who are signed up for Member Year 2022—You can sign up to attend a session with Former First Lady, Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama will introduce a Becoming Me program inspired by her recent book, “Becoming: Adapted for Young Readers.” The program will help girls unlock the power of their unique stories and embark on journeys to becoming their best selves. You can read more about the collaboration here. Girls will be able to earn badges, explore on their own, and take part in national service projects throughout the series.

We want to really emphasize two logistics about Mrs. Obama’s session on May 6th. Anyone who wishes to attend one of the sessions must be registered for next year’s membership season. And, you must register for the session you want to attend with Mrs. Obama (there are two options) by April 30th at 8pm Alaska Time. If you aren’t registered as a Girl Scout or a volunteer and don’t sign up by the 30th, you cannot attend Mrs. Obama’s session. You can sign up here.

To sweeten the pot even more, we are giving free memberships for girls and adults until May 31. We hope to see you all signed up soon!

I was so excited to announce last month that we are having camp this summer! Woot woot!  It’s not 100% like our normal years, but we’re getting closer. Your girls can sign up for camp here. We have all the safety protocols in place, and we’re planning a fun summer. If you have questions about how cookie credits are working with camp this year and next, shoot us an email at We’re glad to walk you through it—bottom line, they can be used for camp in both years!

Thanks again for all you do for your girls and our volunteers.  We appreciate you!

Enjoy the sunshine—enjoy the rain—it will bring those flowers and wash away that dirty snow!