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CEO Corner: the New Year, cookies, in-person and virtual events


It’s the end of the year (yay!), and we have so much to be thankful for.  We’re thankful for Girl Scouts at all times of the year, but now is a great time to reflect on all we’ve accomplished together and to plan for the New Year.

We have a lot in store for Girl Scouts this year.  As we navigate getting back together again, we are always keeping our eyes on doing it safely.  We are still doing a mix of virtual and live events with an emphasis on getting girls outside.  For those of you in Southcentral, join us for a fun Outdoors/Camp day at our Camp Singing Hills in Chugiak—we promise it will be fun.  Everyone is also invited to some great virtual programs, including a trip to Mars with a mystery element, or learning about the Koalas of Australia—the official mascot of our cookie season.

And, of course, our biggest program of the year kicks off in January—Girl Scout Cookie Season!  We’re having a Virtual Cookie Rally for girls across the council on January 5 and an in-person Cookie Rally in Anchorage on January 6.  Many areas will be having local in-person cookie rallies as well.  If you are outside of the Anchorage bowl and want to know of a live cookie rally in your area, shoot us an email and we’ll connect you. Girls begin cookie pre-sales January 7.

Speaking of cookies—we’ll still be operating under COVID rules of safety, but with more and more people who are vaccinated we are hopeful we will be holding a more “normal” cookie sale this year.  We’re already having a better response from cookie booth locations, and we know people still want to buy those amazing cookies.  As you have heard, we have a new cookie this year—the Adventurefuls cookie.  We had the chance to taste them, and they’re yum—I think they will be a hit.  The girls will have a great time learning about being an entrepreneur and meeting goals during the sale.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again for those of you who get through an entire CEO column!  I will buy one box of cookies from every girl who reaches out to me.  Let your girl know she should send her sales pitch to my email or come by the council in Anchorage and hit me up here!  I’m eating my last supply of Do-Si-Dos, so my pantry is empty and waiting.

Keep an eye out for February and the return of the popular “STEMapalooza” multi-day event, and as always, we have our Patch of the Month for fun at home or in your troop.

Have a safe and healthy holiday season.  Our council office and shop will be closed from December 24-January 2 to give our staff time to regroup, spend time with friends and family, and return rested for an amazing 2022!  Thanks for all you do for Alaska’s Girl Scouts.

Yours in Girl Scouting,