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CEO Corner: Cookies and cookie rallies, the new year

CEO Corner: Winter

Happy holidays to everyone and happy (almost) New Year! What a good year we’ve had. We were sort of, mostly, almost back to normal with troops meeting, girls selling cookies, and sleepover camp. As I write this from home after yet another winter storm, I am looking at over 4 feet of snow dripping off the trees in my backyard and dreaming of cookies and camp and fun in 2023.

We’re kicking off the new year with our first in-person cookie rally in Anchorage since 2019 and a fun virtual rally for girls across the council. Some of your local service units will also be holding local rallies, so stay tuned for information! You should have received a cookie packet from us a few weeks ago with a fun activity we’ll do together at the virtual rally, or that you can do on your own. If you didn’t get the packet or need another one, send us an email!

We’ve been working hard at the council to get ready for cookie season. We’ve started trainings, and we hope you can join us. Especially if you’re a new leader who wants to know the basics of cookies, check out our trainings in real-time or go back and watch them—we record them all. Even if you’re an experienced cookie manager, there are new things in eBudde and you’ll want to check them out at the eBudde training. I know cookies don’t start for a few weeks, but it’s never too early to throw it out there that I buy a box of cookies from every girl who sends me her link. My 2022 stock is depleted, so send me your link!

In addition to cookie season, we have a lot of fun things planned for the New Year. From a Girl Scout Day at Hilltop, Awesome Astronomy in Juneau, Winter Ecology in Homer and virtual programs about dolphins, we’ve got a lot planned. Keep checking our events page for more!

We’ve been reaching out to many of you individually to update our records so that we can text you when big things are happening. We know fewer and fewer people read emails these days, and we were hearing from many of you that you weren’t getting important information. Because of FCC laws, we can’t text you on a mass scale without your permission, so please help us get information to you by sending in this form electronically. We promise not to spam you! We will still use email as our primary source of info, but will follow up with text when needed.

Have safe and happy holidays, and I’ll see you in person or virtually in 2023! Thanks for all you do for Girl Scouts!