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CEO Corner: Fall Product and Troop Proceeds, November STEMapalooza

CEO Corner

Happy fall, Girl Scouts! And by fall, I mean happy Fall Product time! This year’s theme is “Go Bright Ahead,” and there’s a super cute Hawaiian monk seal as the mascot. If you’re a regular reader of this CEO column, you know I’m an easy sale for every girl asking me to buy Fall Product from them. I’m 100% out of my supply of nuts and candies, and I see my mom’s magazine subscriptions are expiring soon, so have your girl send me her link!

If you have any questions about Fall Product or how to do it, shoot us a note at We’ve changed the troop proceeds structure to send more proceeds back to the troops, and we added an option for girls to opt out of the physical rewards and get more money in troop proceeds—this will help those troops who have fun activities planned this year. More details are available on our website here.

We have many fun programs scheduled this fall, including the upcoming STEMapalooza—a fun event where we celebrate all things STEM! We moved STEMapalooza from February to November, because of so many conflicts we had during cookie season. We’re working on fun programs for all to participate in. Stay tuned! Check out our calendar of events for more information.

Part of the fun of fall is celebrating Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday—October 31. Celebrating her birthday is a great theme for a troop meeting! Look for more ideas for troop meetings here.

Enjoy the leaves and the changing season—I know the next time I write, there will be snow! Please contact us anytime if we can help you with anything at or 907-248-2250.