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CEO Corner: Is there such thing as a normal cookie sale?

CEO Corner

Cookie season is here and it’s a doozy! As you all probably know by now, our cookies are flying off the shelf. I think Alaskans are excited to see our girls out having fun and they see the cookie sale as a sign of “normalcy.” It does feel good to see more of you in real life and to see girls learning and growing.

But there have been issues! Avalanches delayed cookies to the Kenai Peninsula, Trefoils and Tagalongs were forgotten on the loading dock at the baker’s facility, and there are dreaded supply chain issues keeping us from getting more cookies on a timely basis. You’ve all rolled with the punches and helped us figure out how to overcome each of the hurdles. Thank you for all your help.

We’re working with the baker to see what we can do to get more cookies, but the good news is our council was able to fulfill all of our initial orders. For once, our weird shipping issues in Alaska helped us! Some of our sister councils are still waiting for their initial orders. I’m crossing my fingers that next year is our first normal year after the pandemic!

In the meantime, there are thousands of boxes of cookies in troops’ and girls’ hands across our council. Please keep sending us your fun stories and Bling Your Booth photos so we can enjoy all the fun with you! Don’t forget to let us know if you’re doing a booth that’s not on eBudde so we can get it on the Cookie Finder. We are running digital ads for the entire month of March, sending customers to your booths across the council. If your booth isn’t in eBudde, you’ll miss out!

We’re working to keep you updated on all things Girl Scouts, but if we can answer any questions or help you with any issues, please reach out to us at or 907-248-2250.

Have a good month and send us those pictures!

Thanks for all you do for our girls.