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CEO Corner: Selling cookies, STEMapalooza, Valentine's Day

CEO Leslie Ridle stands with girls at a cookie booth.

Happy The-Sun-Is-Coming-Back-Cookies-Are-Coming-STEMapalooza-Valentine’s-Day month! For such a short month, February sure has a lot going on! Whew. I get excited thinking of all the fun things in store for our girls.

Every month I write these columns, I look back on last year’s column to see what was happening. Last year, I was talking about how we were going into another “weird year” of cookies. Well, here we are. I do think this year is different but also some things stay the same. Safety of our girls is our number one priority. We’re still emphasizing good habits like using sanitizer, wearing good masks, and using innovative techniques for cookie sales. And, we have online possibilities for those who want to go that route—it’s a fun, easy way to teach your girl some cyber rules for communication and entrepreneurship. It’s never too late to get in on the cookie action—even if your troop isn’t selling, your girl can. You can check out our website for tips and also give us a shout and we’ll walk you through it. Cookies arrive at the end of February and then the booth fun begins! If your girl hasn’t hit up her favorite CEO for a box of cookies, remind her that this CEO buys one box of cookies from every girl who asks!

The other major event in February is our returning STEMapalooza. It was a huge hit last year, and this year we have new, fun activities like: STEM movie night, STEM Career Panel (earn part of your STEM Career Exploration Badge), Family STEM trivia, and STEM challenge (there will be prizes!).  Girls can use their cookie or fall product credits, and as always, we have financial aid available. Did I mention the best part if you are one of the first 200 girls to sign up? You can get a free STEM kit to grow your own crystals in the shape of a Narwhal. Uh, major cool…don’t miss out!

Have a good month—show some Valentine’s love to those around you. We love our volunteers from the bottom of our Valentine’s hearts. Thank you.