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CEO Corner: STEMapalooza, JGL's Birthday, Fall Product, Text Updates

CEO Corner

Hello! Happy lingering fall season with winter bearing down upon us. I may be alone in this feeling, but I’ve loved the sort of slow entry to snow season.

We’ve got a very busy fall planned for Girl Scouts of Alaska. Thanks to all of the girls who sent me their link for Fall Product. I have all my holiday shopping done—so many people are getting chocolate covered nuts this year! The candies and nuts make great gifts for the person who shovels your walk or walks your dog or your nice neighbor who picks up your mail. I drop my goodies all over town, and my friends love them! Remember—I’ll buy one product from every girl that sends me her link. Even though girl-delivery is closed, girls can still send out their links to friends and family to have goodies shipped. I also use my purchases at this point in the sale for the Care to Share program. We donate our product to the Red Cross of Alaska, and they use it to help families in Alaska who have experienced a disaster.

Speaking of Fall Product—remind your girls that we have the very cute, very cuddly, very giant stuffed monk seal named Ilio (Hawaiian for monk seal). For every 20 items sold—nuts, candies, and magazines—girls are entered into a drawing to win her! The drawing will be on November 14.

We have a lot of fun planned for Girl Scouts this fall. We have moved our annual STEMapalooza celebration to November because so many of you asked us to—you were too busy during cookie season. We have an amazing lineup scheduled of virtual and in-person events. Girls can earn patches, a telescope, and learn all they ever wanted to know about volcanoes. Check out everything STEMapalooza here.

Have a great Halloween, or as we like to call it, Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday! If your troop is having a birthday celebration, please send us your photos! We love to post your pictures on our social media.

One quick technical note—we’re working to update our ability to keep in touch when needed via texting. We know that many of you don’t read emails regularly and you’d rather get a short, to-the-point text. We need your permission to send you any widely-sent messages. We promise not to spam you. If you’d like to sign up for text alerts, please do so here.

Thanks for all you do for Girl Scouts and your girls!