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CEO Corner: All About Cookies!

GSAK CEO Leslie Ridle stands in front of 2023 cookie season's "Go Bright Ahead" theme background, holding Girl Scout Cookie signs. She is wearing a blue hoodie with the shape of Alaska and the GSAK logo, a cookie button, and her nametag.

February is one of my favorite months because the light is coming back, but this snow…will it ever stop?! Luckily, it’s very pretty and it is getting warmer, too.

Cookie season has had a great start. I can tell girls have been busy selling, because I’ve gotten more sales links and pitches than ever before! I can’t wait to see my ginormous stack of cookies when they get here. Remember, I buy one box from every girl who asks, so if your girl hasn’t sent me her link—what is she waiting for!? For girls outside of Anchorage, I order for the Red Cross through Gift of Caring.

Thanks to all of you who have helped get cookies from Point A to Point B. We owe a ton of thanks to Lynden Transport, TOTE, and AML in southeast, not to mention a few small planes taking cookies to smaller towns across the state. It really does take a village and a lot of coordination to get our cookies where they need to be. And most of all, thanks to all those delivery agents/volunteers in all the communities and service units who make sure every order is filled. Our initial order was almost as big as 2019—we’re back, baby!

I can’t wait to start visiting girls in booths and seeing your pictures for Bling Your Booth. Seriously, this is my favorite time of year—seeing all the fun the girls are having is the best. Make sure you send us cute photos so we can see all the action across the state and share them on our social media.

Speaking of booths—if you’re doing a booth on your own, please make sure you’re in our Cookie Finder. Getting your booth in the Cookie Finder will ensure you’re covered by our insurance and it will help customers find you! We will be running fun digital ads throughout booth season to drive your customers to that finder to help your sales. If you’re booths are not listed in eBudde, you’ll be missing out.

We’re not doing a lot of program in March, because we know everyone is super busy, but keep an eye on our events list for new listings. We still have some spots in our camp schedule, so register up today to reserve an amazing experience for your girl at camp! Remember, if she has any product credits from cookies or Fall Product, they can be applied to camp costs. Contact us with any questions!

I think most of you know by now: I’m leaving in May to travel more and goof off a lot more! I’ve had so much fun in this job, and I want to encourage you to think about applying for it or to send the link to an amazing person. I’ll still be in Anchorage after May and am 100% committed to helping Girl Scouts and the new CEO get off to a good start. You’ll still see me at all my favorite activities after I’m gone—cookie sort, camp cooking, booth customer—you name it! I love Girl Scouts and this council, and I’ll stay involved.

Have a great spring—see you at the booths!