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Why Girl Scouts, Why Now?

Now, more than ever, Girl Scouts serves as a vital source of support, consistency and community for girls and families. As girls attend school virtually and practice social distancing, the connections that Girl Scouts fosters between girls are critical. Girl Scout programming provides a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for girls to try new things, explore the world around them, make a difference in their community, and develop relationships with other girls and caring adults.

More Reasons Why Parents Say Girl Scouts is Important

Parents say Girl Scouts provides girls:

  • Critical social interaction
  • High quality activities and programs
  • A positive impact on her development
  • Opportunities to help her community
  • Unique opportunities and experiences
  • Positive influence of her troop leaders
  • A welcoming environment for all girls regardless of culture, ethnicity, and religion

Parents said in Girl Scouts their girl:

  • Participated in a wide variety of activities
  • Had opportunities she wouldn’t have otherwise
  • Benefited from the experience
  • Felt like she belonged
  • Worked toward meaningful goals
  • That Girl Scouts provided opportunities to bond with their girl

Parents said Girl Scouts helped girls:

  • Build friendships with other girls
  • Become more confident
  • Develop communication skills
  • Become more curious about the world around them
  • Develop a sense of responsibility or independence
  • Take healthy risks
  • Make a difference in her community
  • Develop project and time management skills

Parents said Girl Scouts helped girl develop:

  • Practical life skills
  • Entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills
  • STEM skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Outdoor and nature skills
  • Civic engagement
What will Girl Scouts look like this year?

Girl Scouts may look a little different during the COVID-19 pandemic, but all the classic Girl Scout activities like troop meetings, Cookie Program, community service, badges and camping are still cornerstones of our program.  There are also new, innovative programs, including 42 new badges on topics like car mechanics, civic engagement and STEM careers. 

Troop meetings and events will be occurring both in person and virtually throughout the year.  We can help you find an option that works for your family.  

How can my girl participate?

As we navigate the pandemic, we’re all facing decision fatigue. So, while there are more ways than ever to be a Girl Scout, here are two main ways for girls to get involved.  If these options aren’t what your girl is looking for, send us an email and we’ll work with you to find the perfect fit.  Girls can:

  1. Be in a troop with girls of similar age led by two caring Girl Scout volunteers and/or
  2. Participate as an Individually Registered Girl Scout and join girls from across the country to attend virtual events. Click here for more details.

Regardless of how your girl participates, Girl Scouts provides the high quality programs, social interaction and FUN that parents and girls are looking for.

Are troop meetings and events in person or virtually?

Depending on the community COVID-19 alert level, troop meetings and events may occur in person or virtually. Click here for the State of Alaska alert level map. Be sure to check back frequently. The map is updated every day.

  • High alert communities: Meetings are 100% virtual
  • Intermediate alert communities: Meetings are mostly virtual but may occasionally be in person
  • Low alert communities: Meetings are mostly in person but may occasionally be virtual
What do virtual troops meetings and events look like?

Virtual meetings and events will occur over secure platforms like Zoom. At least two registered and background-checked Girl Scout volunteers or staff will be present to lead girl activities and discussions. Virtual meetings and events are designed to be interactive and engaging for girls in different ways, including:

  • Discussions with experts, including children’s authors, scientists and more
  • Facilitated, interactive activities that require no supplies or supplies you likely have on hand at home
  • Girl-led conversations
What’s my commitment as a parent?

We know parents are busier than ever as they juggle work, family and school. Being a Girl Scout volunteer or parent DOESN’T have to take a significant amount of time but DOES have a huge positive impact on girls. 

Volunteers typically spend about 8 hours a month on Girl Scouts.  Interested in volunteering?  Click here for more information. 
Most parents spend around 4 hours a month supporting their girl in Girl Scouts.

If your girl is participating virtually, parents:

  • Help girls log on to the virtual platform
  • Help girls find supplies for activities
  • Are nearby in case girls need technical help
  • Have conversations with girls about what they learned and how to apply it the rest of their lives

If your girl is participating in person:

  • Support the troop leaders by helping with snacks, transportation or leading an activity during a meeting. Aren’t sure how you can help? Ask your troop leader!
  • Attend meetings and events with your girl if required
  • Have conversations with girls about what they learned and how to apply it to the rest of their lives

Looking for a Troop in your area? Search our opportunity catalog  to find opportunities by location or specific troop number.

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And grownups? Whether you have kids, grandkids, or no kids of your own, you can have a front-row seat to the fun and community, too. Press play and volunteer with Girl Scouts. You’ve got what it takes to change girls’ lives.

Making friends, testing her strengths, exploring new possibilities. It’s all here for her.

Whether teaming up with others or learning to shine on their own, Girl Scouts have the tools and community support they need to succeed.

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Girl Scouts of Alaska Informational Video for Families

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