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We know these are extraordinary times. If you need assistance to cover your camp cost just select the financial aid box on the registration form.

You can fill out the campership form online.

Girls may receive financial aid for up to one week of day camp and one week of resident camp. Camperships apply to girls in the state of Alaska only.

Cookie Credits/MagNut Sales Credits:

Girl Scouts of Alaska Cookie Credit Policy – Updated December 1, 2021

Girls work hard to set goals, sell cookies, and earn their rewards. Girl Scouts of Alaska wants to make sure girls have a chance to experience the rewards they worked so hard to earn. The cookie credit policies have been revised so that girls will be able to use their credits when they feel safe to do so and camp is available to them. Girls can use their cookie credits and Fall Product Program (FPP) credits in the following ways:

Read the 2023 Program Credit Policy

The oldest credits will be applied first in order for girls to maximize their use of credits. 

❂ 20¢ per box

❂ 450 boxes = free week of camp

Encampment Credits

In order to provide a safe and quality event for girls, Encampment has been postponed until 2022. Encampment credits will be based on cookies sold in the 2022 Cookie Program.

If you have any questions about cookie credits, how they are applied or how many your girl has from a previous year, please reach out to

Help send a girl to camp

If you would like to donate a registration to someone less fortunate, please add any amount to your payment on the registration form.