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The Camp Staff Experience

Below you’ll find some of the key tasks you’ll do this summer.  They aren’t all the responsibilities you’ll have but the list will give you a good idea of what you’ll do this summer.

Changing Lives

Everything you say and do has the potential to change a child’s life so:

  1. You’ll put the needs of your campers ahead of your own wants
  2. You’ll take primary responsibility for the emotional, physical and mental well-being of your campers
  3. You’ll recognize problems before they occur and problem solve them when they do
  4. You’ll help campers build real relationships with each other and model this by working in partnership with the whole staff team
  5. You’ll help your campers to develop their character strengths
  6. You’ll challenge your campers to learn from failure and help them experience success
  7. You’ll think outside the box and always look for a new approach to connect with campers
  8. You’ll step up and embrace challenges
  9. You’ll empower girls to try things for themselves, be courageous and confident

All of Camp is Program

Everything we do at camp from walking down the road or cleaning the latrines to canoeing or tie-dying is programming for girls so:

  1. You’ll work with your assigned group of campers for the entire time they are at camp
  2. You’ll create and lead original, age appropriate activities that totally engage your campers
  3. You’ll guide your campers in fully and successfully participating in camp programming
  4. You’ll enforce camp health and safety policies and procedures
  5. You’ll supervise all aspects of your campers’ day including wake up, meals, rest hour, getting ready for bed and night time
  6. You’ll maintain appropriate boundaries with campers, keeping your personal life personal
  7. You’ll actively communicate with your staff partner and camp director about impending and ongoing camper issues
  8. You’ll partner with parents to discuss what their child has learned and how they have grown during their time at camp

The Logistics

There is always a lot going on at camp so:

  1. You’ll prepare for, and actively participate in pre-camp training and staff meetings
  2. You’ll meet regularly with your camp director to let her know how things are going with your campers and your staff partner and to make plans to move forward
  3.  You’ll turn in all paperwork on time
  4. You’ll follow all camp rules and policies

To learn more about each of our camp programs click on the links below:

Your Life as a Staff Person

Whether you work at resident camp or day camp you’ll be giving 100% of your attention and efforts to your campers.  While you are at camp, many of the comforts of home are gone but you’ll gain so much:

  1. You’ll be surrounded by a team of co-workers and supervisors all working towards a common, life-changing goal
  2. You’ll impact every girl who attends camp whether you know it or not
  3. You’ll create memories that will last a lifetime (for yourself and your campers)
  4. You’ll gain valuable, marketable life skills that will help you succeed in any future endeavor

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Questions? Contact Chief Mission Officer Amanda Block, 907-273-0316