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What You Gain from a Summer at Camp

It’s not just campers who grow from going to camp. Working at summer camp is one of the best ways to gain real life experience that will serve you for the rest of your life.  Here are some of the critical professional skills you’ll gain:

Character Strengths

Often called life skills or soft skills, we define character as the ways an individual acts, thinks and feels that benefit them as well as the world as a whole. Character strengths like grit, gratitude and self-control are not only essential to being a successful camp staff person but are life skills that all employers are looking for. These life skills will serve you no matter your life goals! 

Direct, Honest, Effective Communication

Our camps believe in communicating directly and honestly with peers, supervisors and campers.  This means that drama, gossip, cliques and mean girl behavior are not tolerated.  We don’t talk about other people behind their backs and don’t engage in passive aggressive behavior.  You’ll handle problems directly and help campers do the same. 


Girl Scouts is the premier leadership organization for girls.  It’s not just girls who gain leadership skills by attending camp.  Everything you say and do, the way you interact with your peers and supervisors, your attitude when things get tough, your ability to be kind and compassionate and see things from other people’s perspective; all these things contribute to leadership.  You’ll call on these skills as a staff team member and develop them alongside campers. 

Conflict Resolution

It’s impossible to avoid conflicts and when you do it means you aren’t standing up for what is right.  At camp, you’ll resolve issues by talking, compromising, being empathetic, being kind and compassionate.  You’ll help girls gain conflict resolution skills by modeling actions, facilitating conversations and creating an atmosphere where girls can negotiate the ins and outs of relationships. 


You’ll have your own individual goals for your time at camp.  You’ll also be part of a team working towards the goal of changing children’s lives.  Ultimately, you’ll be evaluated on how well you not only perform individually but how you contribute to the success of the team and the camp.

A Paycheck

It’s not the main reason anyone decides to work at camp, but your paycheck does matter.  Click on the links below to see the pay rates for positions at each camp.  Remember, at resident camp we provide your room and board!

To learn more about each of our camp program click on the links below:

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