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For Cookie Volunteers

All Service Unit Cookie Managers are required to complete their training prior to conducting their local trainings and must have an agreement submitted to Council prior to the start of cookie season. Service Unit volunteers are encouraged to review the training as well. 

Why Participate

Why Participate?

The Girl Scout Cookie Program has long taught girls how to run a business via in-person booths, door-to-door activity, and the Digital Cookie® platform online. The proceeds from each and every purchase stay local with the troop and its council to power Girl Scouts’ essential leadership programming. Many girls use their cookie earnings to fund visits to Girl Scouts of Alaska summer camps, trips, projects, and more.

All net revenue raised through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, every penny after paying the baker, stays in Alaska to support our Girl Scouts, girl programs, and camps.

Want to volunteer with the GSAK Cookie Program? Read about all the ways to volunteer!

Questions? Contact us.

Getting Started

Follow these quick steps to get your troop ready for the Girl Scout Cookie Program:

 Attend the Cookie training

 Get your materials

 Access and setup eBudde - Do so before December 30!

 Review this page for online resources

 Train your troop girls and parents

 Spread the word!

Keep in mind:

  • In order for Girl Scouts to participate in Digital Cookie, they must be in eBudde.
  • Follow GSAK on social media for Cookie updates and announcements.

 Questions? Contact us. Check out  this year's order card and recognitions.

Necessary Forms

This calendar can also be found on page 4 of your Cookie Manual.

Training and Videos
Girl Scouts if Alaska Cookie Season Trainings

New Leader/Cookie Volunteer Training, Parts 1 & 2

This training is for new leaders, new troop cookie managers, or caregivers wanting to help their troop during cookie season.

Part 1: Cookie Basics. Learn from GSAK program and membership staff how to keep cookies fun, low stress, and help girls learn skills like goal setting, money management, and more.


Part 2: Getting Started. Get the details on how to get your troop started with the Girl Scout Cookie Program. This session from GSAK product program experts will include important dates, information on using eBudde (our online cookie tracking system), and a few more details for the season. This walkthrough will be for volunteers new to cookies or their role.


Seasoned Leader/Cookie Volunteer Training

This training is for SU Managers/Cookie Volunteers and Troop Leaders/Cookie Volunteers who have experienced at least one Cookie Season with GSAK.


Cookie Pallet Configurations

Need to know how many cases of Girl Scout Cookies you can cram into your car? This chart can help! The chart assumes your car is empty except for the driver and is tightly packed with cases of Girl Scout Cookies.

Cheddar Up - Point of Sale System

This video gives an overview of our Point of Sale (PoS) system, Cheddar Up.

For Girl Scout Cookie sales, councils will cover the administrative costs for using Cheddar Up. Troops can use Cheddar Up for other money-earning events, but the troop must pay the admin fees for these uses.

Rewards and Activities

Recognitions can also be found on page 12 of your Cookie Manual.

Social Media Guidelines

Here's what you can do:

  • Post that your Girl Scout Troop is selling Cookies. Example: “Troop 123 is selling cookies at Fred Meyers from 2-3 p.m.”
  • Post a Digital Cookie link on your personal social media page or private group with people you know.
  • Use smart judgment. If you want to post in a private Facebook group, but that group has hundreds or thousands of people in it, then it may not be wise to post there as you can risk girl and volunteer safety.
  • Try posting something generic. For example: “Interested in buying Girl Scout Cookies? Send me a message and I can get you in contact.”

What to avoid:

  • For Girl Scout safety, we do not post about where or when a specific girl is selling cookies. You can post Troop information on your personal social media, but a post mentioning name, location, and time is not safe. Example: “My daughter Jane will be selling at Fred Meyers from 2-3 p.m.”
  • Posting Digital Cookie links on public pages or re-sale sites. Examples of public forums are: Craigslist, eBay and Facebook Marketplace. This includes commenting the link on another page’s post.
Digital Cookie
Cookie Credits

2022 Cookie Credits


General Resources

GSAK Emergency Number: (907) 931-4039. This is to be used in a real Girl Scout emergency only.


Cookie Booths


For Independent Girls

Getting Started

Permission and Agreement Forms

Financial Forms


COVID Information
Our most recent COVID-related cookie-selling information, and the full COVID guidelines document, can be found on the COVID-19 Updates page. Check the page for our most recent changes.
Other Resources
  • Drive Thru Booth Tip Sheet: includes tips for social distancing.
  • Business Cookie Buyout: Businesses can help to buy out a Troop's cookie inventory and keep the cookies for your employees, themselves, or donate them to a different organization. Council will coordinate with troops to get cookies to businesses.

 Questions? Contact us.