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For Cookie Volunteers

All Service Unit Cookie Managers are required to complete their training prior to conducting their local trainings and must have an agreement submitted to Council prior to the start of cookie season. Service Unit volunteers are encouraged to review the training as well. 

Cookie Credits can be used for virtual summer camp! See the details in the dropdown below.

Council Cookie Social Media Guidelines
  • Posting about where or when a specific girl is selling cookies is not allowed at our council. You can post Troop information on your personal social media. Example of what is not allowed: “My daughter Jane will be selling at Fred Meyers from 2-3 p.m.” Instead try posting: “Troop 123 is selling cookies at Fred Meyers from 2-3 p.m.”
  • You cannot post Digital Cookie links on public pages or re-sale sites. Examples of public forums are, Craigslist, eBay or Facebook Marketplace. This includes commenting the link on another page’s post. It is ok to post a Digital Cookie link on your personal social media page.
  • Under  Volunteer > Volunteer Essentials > Product Program > Your Role, Selling Cookies Online, it states, ”Girls may only post about their participation on Digital Cookie in a way that allows them to restrict access to family and friends, such as on Facebook.”  This would mean a personal Facebook page, not a Facebook group with strangers like the ones mentioned above. The same rules apply to parents.
  • Use smart judgement. If you are posting information in a private group but that group has hundreds or thousands of people in it, then it may not be wise to post there as you can risk girl and volunteer safety.
  • Try posting something generic. For example: “Interested in buying Girl Scout Cookies? Send me a message and I can get you in contact.”

If you see something concerning online, feel free to take a screenshot and send the information to Council. Please do not intervene. 

Cheddar Up - Point of Sale System

This webinar recording gives an overview of  our new Point of Sale (PoS) system, Cheddar Up, and how to use it.

Business Buyout Program

Business Cookie Buyout: Businesses can help to buy out a Troop's cookie inventory and keep the cookies for your employees, themselves, or donate them to a different organization. Find details here.

Volunteer Resources

Troop Leader Resources from GSUSA.

Complete the Cookie VIPe training here.

Watch the Cookie Manager training video.

Read the Troop/Service Unit Cookie Manager Manual here.

Find the eBudde website here.

How to set up eBudde Troop Settings Guide.

eBudde Troop User Manual.

eBudde Service Unit User Manual.

How to submit the Troop Initial Order- coming soon.

The Daisy/Brownie Cookie Guide for Troop Leaders.

GSAK Emergency Number: (907) 931-4039. This is to be used in a real Girl Scout emergency only.

Volunteer Forms

2021 Girl Permission Slip

Troop Cookie Manager Agreement Once leaders log into eBudde for the first time, they will be prompted to electronically sign there as well.

Service Unit Cookie Manager Agreement

2021 ACH Debit Authorization

ACH Extension Request

2021 Delinquent Families Form

Quick Pick Up Form. Used during Cookie pick up to set aside the cases for each Troop.

2020 Returned Check form. Used if a check from a Cookie Customer is returned.

2021 Dates
Cookie Booths
Using Cookie Credits for Camp

Cookie Credits/Full Product Sales Credits:

Girl Scouts of Alaska Cookie Credit Policy – Updated March 1, 2021

Girls work hard to set goals, sell cookies, and earn their rewards. Girl Scouts of Alaska wants to make sure girls have a chance to experience the rewards they worked so hard to earn. The cookie credit policies have been revised so that girls will be able to use their credits when they feel safe to do so and camp is available to them. Girls can use their cookie credits and Fall Product Program (FPP) credits in the following ways:

At In-person or Virtual Camp in 2021

  • Credits from the 2019 and 2020 FPP as well as the 2020 and 2021 Cookie Program can be used for Girl Scouts of Alaska Day Camp and Virtual Camp
  • Any unused 2019 and 2020 FPP credits and 2020 and 2021 cookie credits will automatically roll over for use in 2022.

More Ways to Use Credits through the 2022 Membership Year

  • Girls can use their 2019 or 2020 Fall Product Program Credits and 2020 or 2021 Cookie Credits for Girl Scout membership for themselves or others.
  • For camp in 2021 and 2022 girls can share their credits and help another girl get to GSAK Camp.
  • Girls may also use their credits for programs and events held by Girl Scouts of Alaska.

The oldest credits will be applied first in order for girls to maximize their use of credits. 

❂ 20¢ per box

❂ 450 boxes = free week of camp

Starting in fall 2021 we will be introducing a new structure for FPP and Cookie Credits.  Before we make any decisions about this new structure we will be asking for volunteer, parent and girl input!  Any changes to the structure will NOT affect credits already earned.  Credit values for 2019 and 2020 FPP (60 cents per item sold) and 2020 and 2021 Cookie Program (20 cents per package sold) remain unchanged.

We are planning to run in-person camps in all locations for 2022.  In the case that does not happen, we will revisit our Cookie Credit policies. 

Encampment Credits

In order to provide a safe and quality event for girls, Encampment has been postponed until 2022. Encampment credits will be based on cookies sold in the 2022 Cookie Program.

If you have any questions about cookie credits, how they are applied or how many your girl has from a previous year, please reach out to

Digital Cookie

Looking for Digital Cookie information? Click here.

2021 Digital Cookie Enhancements

Cookie Pallet Configuration




Girl Scout S'mores


Thin Mints



Follow these quick steps to get your troop ready for the Girl Scout Cookie Program:

 Attend the Cookie training

  • Please reach out to GSAK for access to the training link.

 Get your materials

  • Materials are provided by the SU Cookie Manager to any Troop Cookie Manager that has completed the training
  • Don’t have an SU Cookie Manager? Once your training is complete, materials can be picked up from the Council office (or mailed to those troops not within driving distance)

 Access and setup eBudde - Do so before December 30!

 Review the Girl Scouts of Alaska website for online resources

 Train your troop girls and parents

 Spread the word!

  • Make sure that all of your girls/families know about Digital Cookie and the Girl Scouts of Alaska online Girl and Family resources

In order for Girl Scouts to participate in Digital Cookie, they must be in eBudde.

Follow GSAK on social media for Cookie updates and announcements.

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All net revenue raised through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, every penny after paying the baker, stays in Alaska to support our Girl Scouts, girl programs, and camps.

Want to volunteer with the GSAK Cookie Program? Read about all the ways to volunteer!

 Questions? Contact GSAK Product Sales