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Individually Registered Girl Scouts (Juliettes)

What are Individually Registered Girl Scouts?

Individually Registered Girl Scouts (also known as Juliettes), are registered girl members who aren’t in a troop. Instead, girls can:

  • Earn badges/awards with the personal guidance from an important adult in their lives
  • Participate in Girl Scouts of Alaska and Girl Scouts of the USA events both virtually and/or in-person including summer camp
  • Participate in the fall product and cookie programs
  • Participate in monthly virtual group meetings with other Individually Registered Girl Scouts in her age range

In a troop and also want to participate as an Individually Registered Girl Scout?

You can! 

As we navigate the pandemic some troops are taking a short break from meeting or meeting less frequently than normal. Girls can stay registered in their troop AND participate in monthly virtual meetings for Individually Registered Girl Scouts. If your girl is in a troop and also wants to participate individually send us an email so we can update her information.

What’s my commitment as a parent?

Parents of Individually Registered Girl Scouts encourage their girl to select which activities to participate in and which earned awards she wants to complete. Parents also provide guidance and support as girls work on badges and other activities. 

Wondering how to get started? Check out this guide.

We’re here to help!  Check out the “Council Support” and “Volunteer Toolkit” sections below.   

Council Support

We’re available to talk by phone, email or text if you need help. Start by sending us an email or calling us at 907-248-2250.

Volunteer Toolkit

The Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) is a digital resource that supports parents/guardians in planning Girl Scout activities. Through the VTK you can:

  • Plan a calendar year of activities
  • View and customize Journeys and badges
  • Explore plans that show a breakdown of every activity, including a list of materials needed and editable time allotments for each activity within a badge
  • Easily locate resources both national and local council resources, such as Safety Activity Checkpoints

Check out these resources for more information on how to use the VTK.

Ready to get started?  Renew or Register Now!

Renew or  Register.

Note: When searching for a troop type “Individually Registered Member” into the “Troop/Group #” search bar.