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Fall Product Program

What is Fall Product?

What is the Fall Product Program?

The Fall Product Program is a “friends and family” sale which helps troops start the year with a bit more funding. It’s also a great way for the girls to reinforce the skills they learned during the Cookie Program.

Through the Fall Product Program, girls learn that their efforts can have BIG results. Troop proceeds help fund the events and activities that girls participate in during the membership year, including exciting travel opportunities!

All proceeds raised through the Girl Scout Product Program – every penny after paying the vendor – stays in Alaska to support our Girl Scouts, troop activities, girl programs, and camps.

It’s amazing what a magazine or a box of chocolates can accomplish!

The Fall Product Program is easy. Purchases made online can be shipped directly to the customer’s house (shipping charges apply) or can be delivered by a local Girl Scout (local orders only). Magazine subscriptions are delivered directly to the customer online or via the United States Postal Service.

Check out the drop-down menus below for guides and information to ensure that you and your girl(s) have a fun and successful season.

Fall Product Program General Information

Why Participate

Girls who participate in the Fall Product Program:

  • Develop key life skills: goal setting, decisions making, money management, people skills, and business ethics;
  • Engage in STEM and financial literacy: The Fall Product system, M2, allows girls to fully engage in creating their own online business with personalization options, progress tracking features, and more;
  • Earn Girl Scouts of Alaska camp credit: For every item girls sell, they will earn credit toward next season’s Girl Scouts of Alaska Summer Camps;
  • Earn awesome rewards and amazing adventures; and
  • Earn troop proceeds to use toward troop activities, experiences, and supplies.

The Girl Scouts Alaska Fall Product Program offers a wide variety of nut and snack mixes, boxes of chocolates, and online/physical magazine subscriptions. Food products range between $8 and $14, while most magazine subscriptions fall within the $15 range.

Getting Started

Are you a Troop Leader or Troop Product Manager interested in your Troop selling Fall Product? Fill out this form to let us know!

Are you the caregiver of an Independently Registered Girl (IRG) or Juliette interested in selling Fall Product? Fill out this form to let us know!

Are you the caregiver of a girl who is in a troop, but would like to sell Fall Product independently? Fill out this form, and select IRG, to let us know! We will get you set up with everything you need.

Download the Troop Leader Fall Product Manual.

Necessary Forms

Download the calendar.

Download the calendar (B&W).

Training and Videos

Training will be available on gsLearn on September 12. If you need help accessing gsLearn, or if you don’t have the correct course assigned to you then, contact us at (907) 248-2250 or by email at

Rewards and Activities

Click here for information on opting out of rewards for a higher troop proceeds rate.

Product Credits

Read about 2023 Product Credits here.

Click here for information on opting out of rewards for a higher troop proceeds rate.

Social Media Guidelines
  • Posting about where or when a specific girl is selling a product is not allowed at our council. You can post Troop information on your personal social media. 
  • You cannot post Fall Product links on public pages or re-sale sites. Examples of public forums are, Craigslist, eBay or Facebook Marketplace. This includes commenting the link on another page’s post. It is okay to post a Fall Product link on your personal social media page. Any Facebook page for re-sale, buy-nothing, buy-sell-trade, local resource pages, restaurant pages, neighborhood/area swap, etc. is not an acceptable place to post a Fall Product link. Comments one these pages directing people to direct message you for a Fall Product link are also not allowed.
  • Use smart judgement. If you are posting information in a private group but that group has hundreds or thousands of people in it, then it may not be wise to post there as you can risk girl and volunteer safety. A private neighborhood group, such as one with a small number of members, is likely an okay place to post a link.
  • Try posting something generic. For example: “Interested in buying Girl Scout Fall Product? Visit my page to order!”
  • What about Instagram? If you have a private Instagram account, posting stories, posts, or reels, is all okay. If you have a public account, think about how many followers you have that you don’t know in person.

If you see something that concerns you online, feel free to take a screenshot and send the information to Council at Please do not intervene.

Connect with a Girl Scout to Order

Don't know a Girl Scout? Need to know where to buy Girl Scouts of Alaska products? Contact Girl Scouts of Alaska at

Need help? We’re here to help. Contact us at or 907-248-2250.